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Each stage of a relationship has its own magic, its own challenges, why not have its own dress code ? The element that all stages have in common is the desire to live them to the fullest and feel beautiful. If you identify, identify yourself in the following phases and get ideas!

The first phase

If you are going through the first months of the relationship, you are undoubtedly in one of its most beautiful phases! Everything is new, exciting, intense. Often, though, a little awkwardly, since you're still getting to know each other and creating the relationship dynamic. You may be doubting your tastes or have a little extra anxiety. Therefore, prefer to wear underwear that emphasizes your confidence and expresses you. Don't hesitate to ask your partner's opinion to "break" the ice. If you want to be " on the safe side ", ANNA and ESTELLA are ideal options.

The first anniversary

And that's how you made it to the first year of your relationship! The beauty of the intimacy that has been created makes you let go, however many times such "reference points" as an anniversary can make us think about the future. In any case, the joy of a relationship is (also) hidden in the small occasions of celebration. Dare to impress with a HADLEY .


One of the most important and defining stages of a relationship is the moment when the couple decides to leave the safety of separate homes and jointly create a space where they will spend their everyday life. This is a stage full of romance and beautiful moments, but it also hides small "pitfalls", such as possible tensions over everyday issues, the reduction of dates or the neglect of the relationship itself. The next time you're going to mechanically put on your old suit and t - shirt from three days ago, prefer to wear a beautiful set like MARGARET , which offers the same comfort.


If you've made it this far, congratulations! This means that you have found the meaning of coexistence and have given another dimension to the relationship. However, everyday life tends to "suck" us more and more and the need to rewarm the relationship becomes more imperative. Therefore, give the small everyday moments a special dimension and impress your partner. For example, cook your dinner wearing TRIANA or put on your favorite movie and enjoy it on the couch wearing AIMEE . The joy is in the little moments after all!

Whatever stage you are in, don't forget that relationships are living organisms that need care and renewal. Reheating the interest and "dressing up" the moments with a more peppery mood, are what make the route more exciting. Enjoy!


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