The perfect lingerie for the perfect occasion

At Esti Athens we love the simple moments that take on great value when we live them to the fullest. So, we have collected the three most frequent occasions that make us look for the ideal underwear and of course our own suggestions for each one!

  1. Date night

Perhaps the most common occasion to look for a set of underwear beyond the usual and not without reason. A date ideally sets the stage and mood for a romantic evening and the right set of underwear that will fill you with confidence helps your mood. Esti's underwear collection has a huge variety of styles, colors and fabrics to never leave you without options: from minimal total black options, to bold colors and provocative lines. A perfect idea is to choose a bodysuit , which will make you feel safe and can give a "sneak peek" through the clothes you will choose to wear on the date. Alternatively, favorite choices at Esti this season are Maddy Yellow , Odessa Blue and Isla Black .

Don't forget, the ultimate recipe for success is to choose something that expresses you and stimulates your sensuality! (*thank us later!)

  1. Anniversary at home

Do you want to celebrate your relationship and renew a little romance between you? Arrange a night for two at home and set a sexy tone from the start by wearing a unique set of underwear. Suspenders, accessories and see through options never disappoint! Dare something different like the Valerie Purple or Yvette set and explore another side of yourself.

  1. Summer holidays forever

The moments when you will pack your suitcase for the island are approaching and the underwear you will choose is just as important as the swimwear. You want to be comfortable, but to have something more... special just in case! The transparent Siri underwear set in the absolute color of summer should not be missing from your looks. Also, a white underwear set, like Anastastia White , is definitely needed to accompany the lighter colored ensembles we usually choose in summer. Finally, don't miss a cool set of pajamas , for the holiday nights and lazy mornings in bed.

With the endless list of options in the esti underwear collection, there's no way you won't find something that will speak to your . Feminine and comfortable lines, refined fabrics, bright colors and our special lines will lift your mood every moment and make you feel magical wearing them. Because let's face it, feeling beautiful and confident is always in fashion!

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Esti Team