What is Esti

A dream that started in 2018 in Athens, with the aim of highlighting all of them
the aspects of Woman that make her special. Through his unique
underwear with different fabrics, textures and designs, every woman
can highlight her body and mood: Sexy, Romantic, Sensual, Bold.
The reason for the birth of the Being was the Woman herself. Every Esti underwear
advocates and encourages acceptance of womanhood and positivity
body image perception.
From the very first month of its creation, women from every side
of the country embraced it and identified with its aesthetics and purpose.
So, it soon turned from dream to idea, from idea to action and from
action in motion.

Why the Name Esti

The name comes from our Greek heritage and adds our own
its meaning in the idea that its products represent.
The word Esti in Ancient Greek means Essence, Existence... Any underwear
It hides within itself its complexity, its uniqueness, its essence
female existence.
The essence is what remains when appearance, stereotypes, social
standards are broken. The essence is immutable and precious. Its essence
every woman is what makes her desirable, successful, happy,

Who is the Esti Girl

Esti women have no borders and do not succumb to restrictions,
because they "are" what they decide they want to be.
Sweet and daring. Dynamic, but also sensitive.
With confidence and imagination.
What do they have in common? They are real women, who respect themselves and
they love their bodies.
Enter the captivating world of Esti... and enjoy every aspect of yourself
you. You deserve it!

Wanna be Esti Girl?

Hey you, Esti Girl!

Upload a photo of your Esti underwear on Instagram with the Hashtag #estigirls and see it published on the official Esti Instagram page!